ReguTrade can provide you with dedicated office space in New York City, as well as market intelligence and lead generation to power your deals around the globe. Our business incubation is designed exclusively for cross-border traders, with all the tools and support you need to succeed. Simply choose a support plan below and leverage our business to build yours.

New York City Office Space

Virtual Office Receive mail and have it forwarded to you whenever and wherever you are in the world.

Dedicated Workspace A central location in New York City to meet and host your clients and colleagues, and manage your trades, 24/7 access to the office as well as your own desk and use of our printers, scanners, copiers and conference rooms.

Collaborative Community Work alongside like-minded successful trade entrepreneurs, network and collaborate to expand your global footprint. ReguTrade will afford you access to valuable invitations to networking events and seminars with industry professionals, and a wide variety of opportunities to keep you in the know.

Market Intelligence

ReguTrade can provide you with the category-specific information you need to make accurate and confident business decisions. With our vast knowledgebase of transactions and trends, you’ll have access to valuable data for a more complete picture of the markets you compete in.

Real-Time Data including competitive, marketing and sales info in your trade category. Our proprietary software will help you generate leads to buy and sell your products. Whether you specialize in agriculture, equipment, or fast moving consumer goods, we’ll provide you with up-to-the-minute insights you can leverage to trade powerfully in specialized markets and win.

Competitive Insights Access our knowledgebase of trade category insights, tips, case studies and company-specific data that will empower you to anticipate and face challenges head on.

Qualified Buyer Network Connect with qualified buyers in your trade category, so you can invest with confidence.

Marketing Support Each month ReguTrade will assist you in creating and publishing a newsletter to build your customer relationships, and keep your network informed about your products, services and successes.

Lead Generation

Generating a steady stream of customers is vital to your business. But who has time to write newsletters and nurture leads? Let us cultivate your leads with e-newsletter creation and publishing while you focus on building your business.

List Building An email list is the most direct way to communicate and engage with both prospects and existing customers. We’ll help you build this list with key prospects from our qualified buyer network.

Newsletter Publishing Get dedicated marketing support from our team of content developers in the creation and publishing of your monthly newsletter, so you can build your customer relationships, and keep your network informed about your products, services and successes, and keep them hooked with valuable tips to help them in their business.

Trade Finance

ReguTrade provides the support you need to grow your business plus financing from the institutions you trust. Enjoy even greater flexibility in structuring your deals, with direct relationships with our account reps and full use of our facilities to help manage your transactions. Regutrade financial services include Purchase Order Finance, Performance Guarantees, Factoring, Forfaiting, and more. See Trade Finance for more information on our full suite of services.